LCSD Special Incentives

LCSD Teachers Have Many Additional Benefits!

Exemplary Service Day

The Board of Education grants all teaching and administrative personnel a day in recognition of exemplary service. This day shall be scheduled in the annual school year calendar.

Remuneration for Noon Hour Supervision

In lieu of remuneration for noon hour supervision, each full-time teacher shall be granted three days personal leave (with pay) per school year or may be reimbursed for unused days at the substitute rate. *

Laptops & Smartboards

All teachers working for LCSD are provided a new high quality laptop! All LCSD teachers have Smartboards in their classroom (or access to these technologies if they are not a classroom teacher) and cutting edge educational technology!


A bursary for tuition fees, to a maximum of $800.00 per year, shall be granted for university classes or courses related to the current teaching assignment. *

Personal Wellness Day

The Director of Education may grant leave for one Personal Wellness Day to attend appointments or address personal matters without loss of salary for events occurring within one school year. *

Flex Day

The Director of Education may grant leave for Flex time to a maximum of three days to address personal matters with substitute pay deducted from the teacher’s salary. *

Recruitment and Retention Grants

Bursaries are available for certain areas of need in our school division. Please search for more details in the Recruitment and Retention section of our website.

Retirement Flexibility

New teachers to our division have the ability to choose between the Alberta or Saskatchewan retirement plans.

Professional Learning Center

Teachers have a special space to learn, experiment with new technologies, learn via face to face or video-conferencing and receive support from our Coordinator of Learning Resources in the beautiful new LCSD Professional Learning Center!

*Subject to conditions of AP 450, LINC.

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Holy Rosary

(English / French Immersion) Grades 8-12

(780) 875-3600

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Ecole St Thomas

(French Immersion) Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 875-5366

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Father Gorman

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(306) 825-4600

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St Joseph

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 875-2442

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St Marys

Kindergarten to Grade 7

(780) 808-8600

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Mother Theresa

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2

(780) 871-5944

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