Instructional Coaching Support

Our coaching program goals are:

  • To maintain, enhance and improve student academic success by focussing on the skills and strategies of effective teaching.
  • To provide/facilitate differentiated support and professional learning opportunities that give authentic learning experiences to educators.

Induction for all teachers in their first and second year with our school division

All newly hired teachers participate in two years of instructional coaching support and an induction program. This begins with two orientation sessions that focus on the principles of great teaching and the LCSD ways. It then moves to a series of classroom visits that focus on management, organization, student engagement, classroom discussion, formative assessment and teacher learning goals. By offering support, feedback, and intensive, individualized professional learning, coaching promises to be a better way to improve instruction in schools. These teachers are also invited to participate in several learning sessions that better support their classroom instruction and optional book studies.


Coaching requires a trusting relationship and sufficient time to provide the individualized professional learning that is most relevant to a teacher’s needs.


After two years of employment, teachers and administrators can choose to engage in a coaching partnership where they drive the topics, focus and action steps. Teams of teachers also engage in coaching ranging from curriculum support, to data analysis to instructional strategies.


Our coaching program offers a non-evaluative, learning relationship between a coach and a teacher, both of whom share the expressed goal of learning together, thereby improving instruction and student achievement.


Coaching requires a trusting relationship and sufficient time to provide the individualized professional learning that is most relevant to a teacher’s needs. Coaches often employ collaborative conversations (sometimes referred to as conferences), model lessons, observations, and mutual problem solving to assist teachers in implementing and mastering new teaching practices.

Professional Learning Sessions

Our school division offers a large number of professional learning sessions communicated through our Professional Learning Journal each year. The sessions are led by coaches and teachers that have experience or expertise in an area. Sessions are offered both during the instructional day and after schools.

Our Administrators

Our administrators participate in professional learning with the coach as facilitator. Our foci include: discussing current best practices in education, learning more about ways to work with others and our own personal learning goals. The reflective dialogue and collegial support is a key to success.

Our Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches participate in their own professional development. The first focus is on best coaching practices. Our strategies are anchored in the Learning Forward structure that focuses on Instructional Specialist, Curriculum Specialist, Resource Provider, Data Coach, Mentor, Classroom Supporter, Learning Facilitator, School Leader, Catalyst for Change and Learner. Reflective dialogue is an ongoing part of the skill set. Secondly, we focus on deepening our knowledge about teaching practices. Thirdly, we focus on our facilitation skills. As a team we meet monthly to reflect on our learning and skill set.


As a team we have seventy plus years of teaching experience ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12 – English and French Immersion! We have participated in the Learning Forward Coaches Academy. Our program embraces the same ten roles of a coach as presented to us in the academy and explained in Taking the Lead by Killeon and Harrison.


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